Before & After: Sare Lee Ice Cream

by First name Last name on 08/25/2009 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Australia based design firm Barker Grey was asked to redesign Sara Lee Ice Cream:

"The aim was to premiumise the ice cream offer, due to increased competition partly from smaller and more boutique players in that sector of the category. 

The solution was simple;  Our idea of a gift connects the consumer to the idea of a treat,  in this case an indulgent one!. The packs communicate the extra care & attention bestowed on the ice cream, as the ribbon looks carefully hand-tied onto each tub, the tags look like they been handwritten to add to the effect.

Our execution feels distinctly more human (emotionally connecting) and less processed, which was critical given the changing context of the market."

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Editorial photograph

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