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1854 Herbs & Spices

by First name Last name on 07/08/2009 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph Beautiful packaging designed by Estudio Clara Ezcurra, a small graphic design studio fromArgentina:

"Our studio designed recently the new packaging for 1854 herbs & spices fromArgentina.For this development we intended to combine very simple non conventional associationswith for spice with a silhouette made to identify every product. The centralidea was to translate with some humor signs of universal culture whichaddressed the diversity of locations, cuisines and regions from which the goodsare original.

Being these tins made for a gourmet product the choice for the labels wasmetalized (silver foil) paper, printed with bright black backgroundin contrast to the metallic color of each product, giving the product a highquality finish and a innovative look."

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Editorial photograph