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Monster Vineyards

by Maja Pelc on 07/22/2009 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Series of wine packaging with beautiful illustrations (by Belle Melchior), designed by Laurie Millotte, the in-house designer at Brandever.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Lake Okanagan has been long been haunted by the presence of a Loch-Ness-likesea creature.Can such a formidable beast possibly be a true living creature? Wesaid "...naaah"! Monster Vineyards exposes the proverbial wizard behind the curtains. Itcelebrates the many intricate contraptions that individuals might have conceivedto create such a hoax.We have since spotted many Monsters in the company of tourists. And manyothers lurking in dimly lit restaurants across the nation. Our apologies to the believers.

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