Rousse Rose Wine

by Yael Miller on 06/25/2009 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Jordan Jelev is a talented designer from Bulgaria. He specializes in wine label design, especially utilizing hand lettering. The above wine, Rousse Rose, deviates from his usually more classical designs, but is very intriguing in its design and print execution.

Jordan started by designing a custom typeface for the Rousse Rose brand. Each letter consists of dots in two different sizes. Each dot is printed with an overprint of raised ink - a process called thermography. The overprint is a transparent varnish that when heated, causes the ink to 'puff up', giving the surface a textured finish. To add yet further dimension, the design was printed on metallized (silver foil) paper, with the larger dots 'dropped out' of the black, allowing just a small glimmer of reflective silver showing through them.

The capsule on the neck of the bottle was designed to match, with silver foil stamp over matte black.

Editorial photograph

I think this is a great example of combining good design sense with speciality printing technique. The subtle use of materials, graphic elements and special coatings give this wine a unique presence to make it stand apart from other wines in its category.

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