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by First name Last name on 06/10/2009 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Yiying Lu is an illustrator and designer from Sydney Australia (also known as the Twitter Fail Whale creator). She worked with the Florida-based company to create this interesting patent-pending packaging for nootie pet shampoo and fragrances. I received an email this morning that the products were finished and launching today at the nootie site. Here's what Yiying had to say about the thought behind the design:

"This branding & packagingdesign is aiming to deliver new innovative & fresh life styleproducts: The new products here are Shampoo and Daily Spritzcombination bottle which are revolutionary as they are the first everPet Shampoo & Daily Spritz in one bottle.The top portion contains shampoo for washing the pet, while thebottom contains a daily spritz that moisturizes and helps maintain thefresh scent between washes. Nootie’s state of the art patent pendingbottle snaps together for convenience as well as saving space inconsumer’s closet. The products come in four exciting fragrances Japanese CherryBlossom, Sweet Pea & Vanilla, Warm Vanilla Cookie & CucumberMelon; which were also illustrated / designed by me.

My idea behind the package design is: Form follows both Fun + Functionality."

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Editorial photographEditorial photograph Editorial photograph