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Student Spotlight: Sola's

by First name Last name on 05/17/2009 | 2 Minute Read

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With this project I would like to create a product aimed at a very distinct niche sub culture that has developed over the past ten-fifteen years, “Holy Hip Hop”. Holy Hip Hop is a subculture deriving from young urban adults who once fell into category of hip hop but now marry the visual and audible aesthetics associated with it to a sound Biblical faith in Jesus Christ, usually belonging to the Protestant Church. Taking my que from the music of this culture. I noticed a motif in the value and teaching of the five solas from the Protestant Church.

That motif will also be carried out in the sola's personal care product line with each peace focusing on one of the five supported by related Bible passages. The entire line will be sold as one high end package containing 6 items that can be ordered online. Four of the items in the package will be personal hygiene products (perfume, deodorant, body wash, and lotion), the fifth will be in a musical format contained on a usb hard-drive shaped like a bracelet. The sixth would be a five sola's t-shirt that is considered a gift with purchase that the customer will receive with their first order.

To address the customers desire to help others and justify their seemingly self-centered and slightly expensive purchase a second five sola's personal care kit will be shipped free of charge to a missions trip in a foreign country when ever any one orders one. The donated kit will help promote cleanliness in areas where personal hygiene may be an issue of concern.

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