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Darling Spuds

by Maja Pelc on 03/18/2009 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photographEditorial photograph"To some, the idea of creating the finest hand cooked chips might seem like small potatoes." To me, it seems that the small brands, offering limited range of home made products, are the new craze. Without the responsibility of maintaining a familiar logo and design, small brands' hands are free to fill the market with packaging that stands out from the shelf and speaks its own language. They can take risks that many larger companies cannot and it is a delight when they play their cards right. My recent favorite is the series of chips made of "Darling Spuds." Distinguishing itself from average chips, such as Lays, Darling Spuds puts the emphasis on the fun element. The design is clear, with few sketch lines, turning the spud into a veggie-cartoon character with a unique personality. The characters differ for each flavor. The job was done by the British studio Davies Leslie-Smiths (featured previously here).