Sedies Sunflower Seeds

by First name Last name on 03/17/2009 | 2 Minute Read

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"This is a recent project I have completed for my Senior Project class, fueled by my acute love for sunflower seeds. The selection of sunflower seeds out there is quite limited, while in Russia (where I am originally from) the activity of eating seeds has always been very popular. My concept was to take this snack and spice it up with natural flavors that enhance the taste of the roasted kernel. I wanted to create a more sophisticated brand that may appeal to health conscious adults. This is a guilt-free snack that can be enjoyed during a movie instead of buttery popcorn. The package reflects this idea. I went with earth tone colors and a tree trunk texture on the boxes, while adding colors that relate back to the flavor of the seeds. Illustrations of the flavors, the logo and all the typography were done by hand, giving it all a truly organic feel. The seeds come in a large pack, as well as a smaller sample size - for those that just need a little taste before committing to the bigger size."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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