Wooden Matches Block of 100 by Fitzsu

by E. Charrow on 03/13/2009 | 2 Minute Read

Wooden matches cube designed by Fitzsu Society.  Such a great design with a super 70s color theme and Bauhaus aesthetic.  I love that the package and the matches are self contained.

"Fitzsu is all about elevating your everyday experience by offeringaccessories that are destined to evoke wonder and spirit. Practitionersof their long-felt philosophy that our minute-to-minute lives areimproved by the things with which we surround ourselves, Su Sazama andFitz travel the globe to find 21st century designs that create themodern experience.

The modern experience is one that creates asense of harmony in our busy lives, reducing stress and creatingenjoyment wherever possible.  A sense of tranquility and reduction ofclutter in our private lives balance the stresses and overstimulationwe get in our outer worlds.  Friends are invited over to share thespecial quality of life that you create. As a new adventure, we seek tobe transformed by our friends.

It is the careful philosophies ofmodern designers that enable us to create our unique modern experiencethrough the use of their products. Fitz and Su have developed asensitivity to what is evocative and functional design through theirown lives by experimentation and education. They have traveled and metwith designers of the highest caliber and manufacturers of the highestquality. They have designed homes and interiors in development of theirphilosophy and entertain in modern style. In an effort to always belearning how to enjoy life more, Fitz and Su share their findings withyou on this website and in two store location in Los Angeles andPasadena, California."

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