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Kat Macleod for Bloom

by Kristan Hoffman on 02/11/2009 | 1 Minute Read

(Updated!) My friend Angie pointed these beautiful Bloom Cosmetics packages (which she saw on the Lolita blog) and I was enchanted by the use of illustrations on these packages:

Editorial photograph 

The drawings are by Australian illustrator Kat Macleod. The Bloom mark fits in well, and I find myself wondering if that was existing or if Macleod drew that too.

Bloom is an Australian-based cosmetics company started by Natalie Bloom, who worked briefly as a graphic designer! More from their website (and thank you, Patrick, for the link):

Bloom began with a couple of quirky product ideas a strong design influence and a whole lot of heart.

Bloom’s philosophy is to create innovative products made from quality ingredients. Bloom products have a playful spirit and a commitment to product integrity. Bloom products are for the young at heart.

The Bloom brand is represented by Miss Bloom. Miss Bloom embodies the spirit and personality of the Bloom brand. She’s playful and sophisticated...

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Editorial photograph Editorial photograph