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by First name Last name on 11/29/2009 | 2 Minute Read

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Racquel Youtzy of Toronto, Canada designed the Tap Water bottle in response to the growing demand for safe refillable water bottles: 

"Everything on the market seems to be geared towards the sports side of the business. Even the high end metal water bottles still have an obvious “sports feel” about them with the wide neck and stubby appearance.  If you want a bottle that can be used on your table during a dinner party, on your desk at work, or even used when you are out shopping the “tap water bottle” is the product that is needed. The bottle is stylish with both a modern clean design and a retro flip cap giving it a universal appeal.

The text is crisp white on the clear bottle with the “tap water” in large letters so there is no confusion as to what the user is drinking.  There is also a cheeky message on each bottle reminding the user why plastic bottles are bad:

About that fancy bottled water that came from France... it’s pretty much the same thing that comes out of your tap when you wash your hands after peeing, only with less minerals.  Minerals your body needs.  The major difference?  That French stuff came here on a boat.  A boat that didn’t need to travel thousands of miles to bring you french tap water in a plastic bottle that will end up in a landfill that does need any more plastic bottles. Not so fancy."

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Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph