Coca-Cola Launches New Packaging for Minute Maid

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The Coca-ColaCompany has just redesigned the packaging and brand identity system forits entire portfolio of more than 100 juice and juice drink brands available in145 countries worldwide. This includes Minute Maid here in the United States:

"The packaging redesign, available on store shelves in theU.S. beginning this month, is one of the largest branding efforts undertaken inthe history of the Coca-Cola Company. The new system establishes a common lookand feel that brings continuity to Coca-Cola’s extensive juice offerings, isscalable to multiple brands and product lines, and improves the consumers’experience at retail. The new packaging takes on the best known qualities ofthe Minute Maid brand including the black rectangle and white logotypelettering."

Designed by Duffy& Partners in partnership with CMA Brand Presence.

Read the detailed design notes after the jump, and see the entire worldwide orange juice lineup.

Global Juice PackagingBackgrounder


·       The Coca-ColaCompany has developed a new, flexible packaging design system for key brands inits global juice family of beverages that unites multiple juice brands andcategories under one scalable, common identity and packaging framework.


·       Consistentpackaging guidelines and readily available assets are available on an internal,web-based tool called “Design Machine,” which allows local markets to roll out packagingquickly and efficiently while also minimizing costs.


·       Consumersin the United States will be the first to see packaging changes on storeshelves in November 2009. The new packaging will be rolled out to Coca-Cola’slargest juice brands worldwide over the next year.


·       Thestrategic direction for the new visual identity system was developed internallyat The Coca-Cola Company.  Executionof the designs was created in partnership with Minneapolis-based firm Duffy& Partners as well as CMA Brand Presence of Houston.


Design Concepts


·       Theiconic Minute Maid logo – the classic black logo with white logotype lettering– is the core element of the new visual identity system.


·       Roundededges on the new logo give it a contemporary look without detracting from theMinute Maid logo’s historic appeal.


·       A new greenhorizon mark above the logo serves as a canopy, connecting the brand to natureand the fruit-producing earth.


·       Designersstudied consumer behavior in the supermarket produce aisle and how fruitvendors displayed their fruit at local markets to develop visual cues for thenew juice packaging. 


·       Thepackaging creates a unified look on shelf when packaging is placed side-by-sideforming an interlocking visual of whole fruit.  This evokes the imagery of whole fruit as it might bedisplayed in a produce aisle or farmers market. 


·       Slicedfruit, the hero image on all packaging, was arranged to show freshness and to callto mind feelings of genuine happiness and enjoyment.

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