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Electroluminescent Liquor Packaging

by First name Last name on 11/11/2009 | 1 Minute Read

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Upper left: Ballantine’s new electroluminescent label for blended scotch whisky; on right: TyKu’ssake bottle with LED light source; lower left: J&B’s “Mix Light” bottle.

Ballantine’s new “Listen to Your Beat” campaign includes an electroluminescent label with graphic equalizer display. Designed by London-based “The Core,” this label is more evidence of a trend towards animated, self-illuminating liquor labels. Similar to these battery-powered T-shirts, audio references seem to occur frequently in youth-oriented liquor packaging. (The J&B bottle above is another example.)

Battery powered, self-illuminating containers we’ve seen before—(See: NXT on the dielineand this article on Electroluminescent Technology from Packaging Digest)—but it seems to be gaining a particular foothold in the category of liquor packaging.

(A closeup picture of the Ballantine’s bottle and several videos of electroluminescent labels in action, after the fold...)

Editorial photograph

Two things: if this trend continues, package designers will have to start thinking like animators—(which part should light up first?)—and the shelves of a package store store near you may start to resemble the Las Vegas Strip.

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