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Communication Arts Annual Winners

by First name Last name on 11/11/2009 | 4 Minute Read

We rounded up some of our favorite packaging (and most are previously unseen here on The Dieline) from the new Communication Arts Annual. Visit Communication Arts to see all the projects, a few more posted after the jump.

Editorial photograph 

Tub Gin, designed by Red Tettemer:

"We filled a gaping hole in the booze biz with a super-smooth,lone-batch gin. TuB came kicking and screaming into the world in anunderstated bottle and with a little hair on its chest."

Editorial photograph 

Apple Accessories, design in-house:

"Mac and iPod accessories are packaged using a remarkably simplesystem. On every box or bag, the labeling is clear, the product isshown actual size and the packaging is recyclable."

Editorial photograph 

Koala Ranch Wineries, designed by Colle + McVoy:

"Koala Ranch Wineries asked us to redesign the labels for their line ofvalue wines and to position them as fun, simple and inviting wines thatreflect the region from which they hail."

Editorial photograph 

1300 on Fillmore, designed by Landor Associates:

"We were challenged with developing a specialty foods packaging systemfor 1300 on Fillmore that would become an extension of the restaurantexperience. Differentiating enough to drive sales and awareness of ChefLawrence, as well as traffic to the restaurant, the packaging bringshim to the forefront, while focusing on the artisanal nature of hiscraft and paying homage to where it all happens—1300 on Fillmore."

Editorial photograph 

Perricone MD, designed by Concrete Design Communications:

"Dr. Perricone and Perricone MD products have had extensive mediacoverage. The range of products includes topical anti-inflammatoryformulations, and dietary supplements that are scientifically designedto promote healthy, youthful skin. We developed a comprehensivecampaign that involved updating the visual identity, creating newpackaging design, overhauling the Web site and developing both brandand tactical advertising. The design approach was a moderninterpretation of traditional apothecary—understated, eleganttypography, scientific photography and frosted amber glass."

Editorial photograph 

Big Boss Brewing Co. "Bad Penny," designed by McKinney:

"How do you create beer packaging? Well, start with some beer. Add someWWII bomber names, random trivia, more beer, some gasket seals, alittle bit of Spanish, a touch of German, more beer, a few pinup girls,a little bit of luck, more beer, swizzle sticks, mongrel dogs, fairydust, a dash of kustom kulture, a heavy dose of metallic inks and somemore beer. Stir. Serve cold."

Editorial photograph

High Vale Core Cider, designed by brainCELLS:

"Core Cider hails from the High Vale Orchard, east of Perth, in WesternAustralia. High Vale was entering the competitive Ready To Drinkalcohol market and sought a unique branding solution. The bio-dynamicproduct was the perfect foil for a clean, simple and sophisticatedlabel design. The transparent paper stock was chosen to showcase thevibrant color of the product, made of organic apples grown at the HighVale farm."

Four more after the jump!

Editorial photograph 

Civilized, designed by Neatly Trimmed Beard:

"We created the Civilized brand for a new micro distillery in northernMichigan. The concept is based on the woodland gentleman of yore; thesort of man who cut wood for a living and wrestled grizzlies for fun,but still found time to wax his mustache and comb pomade through hishair. That in mind, we set out to make something vintage but with somemodern flourishes—something both manly and gentlemanly."

Editorial photograph 

Number 4 Performance Hair Care, designed by Bureau Number 4:

"Number 4 High Performance Hair Care was founded with the mission tocreate a hair care line that runs parallel to fashion, science, art,music and industrial design creative cycles. The Number 4 packagedesign is inspired by the crossover between the essence of Swedishgraphic design and the complex industrial minimalism of Japanesepackage design."

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph 

Chipotle in-store packaging, designed by Sequence:

"Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the fastest growing restaurant-chainsin the U.S. Its goal is to change the way the world thinks about andeats fast food by serving high-quality and sustainably-raised foodquickly and affordably. We created a new packaging system defined byunique, hand-drawn messages from customers, employees and eveningredients. This lighthearted, passionate approach is a perfectvehicle to convey Chipotle's 'un-chain' philosophy."

Editorial photograph 

Farmer's Leap, designed by Parallax Design:

"Scott Longbottom is a potato farmer and grape grower from Padthaway.Farmer's Leap was his first foray into winemaking, hence the name.Farmer's Leap is a reflection of Scott—uncomplicated, honest andstraight to the point. "

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