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Studio/Student Spotlight: PACKLAB.

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A nice selection of work from some design students at PACKLAB:

"These are the education student work and four of these design

students now work at the PACKLAB. Partners,

which is a packaging and brand design consultancy based in Finland. It's

sort of an over spill from the department activities, a partnership

that is lead by our lecturer Ian Rooney...a team that is very

passionate about developing holistic and innovative packaging.

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Monika Osinska- ‘Easter Egg Carton Pack’

Monika Osinska is a Polish student from the


. department at the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland.


environmentally friendly seasonal packaging has been designed using a

single sheet of carton material. Monika won ‘Gold Award’ and ‘Best in

Show’ and Marks & Spencer / Korsnäs Frövi Sponsor Award for her

simply yet effective piece of packaging at the The Institute of

Packaging, Starpack Awards (European Awards) 2007.

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Roman Klementsov - 'An Udder milk'

Roman Klementsov is a Lithuanian student from the PACKLAB. department at the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland:


started this brief from generating concept solutions for a new milk

packaging, I tried to show how innovative and functional milk pack

could be. I also focused on such aspects as recyclability,

disposability, environmental issues. At first, I used to make sketching

developing on basic bottle shape for 1,2 and 4 pint milk pack. I've

gathered lots of information of existing milk packaging and made a

visual boards research, I've made lot's of sketches on milk bottle

visual graphics, to make it more visually friendly for customers. I

read some ergonomics literature to create a bottle for the most

effective lifting, handling, carrying, and for standing. I also

considered shelf presence and the retail environment, a bottle that by

first sight could tell you “ Here! I'm Milk! Take me”. It's a cow! It's

a tooth! – full of calcium. It demands attention, makes people smile

wants to be touched and of course to be purchased. The result you can

see on these boards.The bottle design is an innovative, unique, fancy,

its made of plastic (PET technology). The label is made in minimalistic

way and has a creative idea to use a cow print skin look. Everyone

knows the cows skin pattern (white background and black abstract dot

shapes) I took some of them to create the main graphic element on the

label. I've transformed some of cows dots into the UK's regions (e.g.

Norfolk, Hampshire, Northumberland) it shows you  from where in the

UK's these products are farmed and where the milk comes from. When the

product is in your fridge you are reminded of these facts." The work won

‘Supreme Gold Award’ (Best in Show Award) and ‘Gold Award’ in The

Institute of Packaging, Starpack Awards (European Awards) 2009.

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Marika Luoto - Doiley

Marika Luoto was a Finnish student from the


. department at the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland:


is a school project made for an english Packaging Design competition,

Student Starpack Awards. The brief was to design a pack and selection

of chocolates which will appeal to society’s most fashionable and

exclusive consumers who respects luxurious design. In this work the

first impression of the combination of chosen colors and shapes tells

the customer about the luxurious product, it is appealing stylish and

sexy. Its has a feeling of sexy nightwear lingerie and sits

provocatively on the shelf arousing sexual and indulgent desire. Sin in

a box!"

The work won four awards in 2008.

Marika Luoto is currently working at ‘PACKLAB. Partners’ in Finland http:/ www.packdesign.com

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Juho Viironen & Thomas Åkerfelt - C-Cup


were three winning design teams in the Swedish Aluminium Packaging

Awards 2007 which took part in this important Nordic design


Two companies took 2nd and 3rd place but it was students Thomas Åkerfelt and Juho Viironen from the Lahti Institute of Design's PACKLAB. department in Finland who took the overall prize.

Both designers Juho Viironen & Thomas Åkerfelt have garduated from the PACKLAB. department and are currently working at ‘PACKLAB. Partners’ in Finland.

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Tony Dianoff - Photo frame


Frame Pack: "The packaging is made for displaying a digital camera or a

smart phone in a more efficient way. It is turned into a high quality

picture frame once you got it home and it is really environmentally

friendly cause there no part you have to throw away. You can use it as

a storage box for you’re instructions and cables so you always knew

where to find them. It is made for people who like nice home

accessories and for those who wants a new shopping experience."

Tony Dianoff has graduated from the PACKLAB. department and is currently working at ‘PACKLAB. Partners’ in Finland.

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Popcorn microwave packaging

In 2008 Anni Nykänen won four awards for her Popcorn concept.

Three of them European student design awards at the IOP: Student

Starpack Awards. The Gold, Best in Show Award, Marks & Spencers /

Korsnas Frovi Sponsored Award as she helped PACKLAB.

Lahti Institute of Design to win the Eric Dickens Award for the second

time in 2008. Months later her packaging picked up a 2008 Honorable

Mention at the Worldstar Student / Packaging Design Competition

(International) Award.