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Before & After: Dryel

by Kristan Hoffman on 01/15/2009 | 2 Minute Read

Behind the scenes of Dryel's redesign:

The Dryel team came to Coho Creative needing a new look for several reasons.

  1. The package was old. Period. And redesigning your packaging often shows your consumers that you're still interested and invested in your product.
  2. The Dryel home dry cleaning system was going to be "new and improved" and the packaging needed to convey that message. Both verbally (in copy) and aesthetically.
  3. Lower cost products had entered the market (where I believe Dryel was more or less alone before) and Dryel needed to combat this new competition.

Coho went through the usual steps -- research, assess, strategize -- and saw an opportunity to modernize and brighten the packaging, clean up the visual clutter, and develop a clear hierarchy of communication (features, benefits, etc.). We created several options, ranging from "close in" to "far out," and presented them to the Dryel team.

Three concepts were taken to testing, and the results of that consumer-based research, combined with our strategic recommendations and the Dryel team's needs, led to the chosen design.

There were, of course, many tweaks made between research and final production. In an ideal world, we'd love to see a "cleaner" visual, but in consumer goods there is always a certain amount of messaging, legal-ese, etc. that you just can't avoid. Still, overall we think we achieved our goals with this design.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

This was Dryel Before:

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Just some additional info about the packaging: the main Starter Kit is cylindrical (elliptical not circular) with a plastic cover and an insert card. The Refill Kit is a standard cardboard box/carton.