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ABSOLUT Masquerade

by First name Last name on 07/22/2008 | 2 Minute Read

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"Last year’s award-winning ABSOLUT DISCO sold 2.9 million packages and raises the expectations among consumers for the new gift pack from ABSOLUT, the leading international premium vodka. They will not be disappointed: Made from soft and shiny red spangles, and with a zipper on the back, the latest holiday gift pack from ABSOLUT really stands out and inspires consumers to join the glamorous masquerade.

“Our new gift pack builds on the legendary ABSOLUT history of creative and groundbreaking bottle and package design”, says Katarina Nielsen, International Marketing Director, V&S Absolut Spirits. “We are confident that the new design will be just as much appreciated as its predecessors, ABSOLUT BLING BLING and ABSOLUT DISCO.”

When opening the new gift pack, the zipper slides apart, revealing the classic ABSOLUT VODKA bottle. The one-liter gift pack is built of exactly 3,238 shiny red spangles in the shape of a classic ABSOLUT bottle, serving as an ultra-stylish package.

With the new gift pack, people do not need an invitation to dress up for a party. ABSOLUT is taking masquerade into the modern era, where the possibilities of being yourself and expressing your personality are more important than ever. The red, shiny bottle will be the perfect present for the upcoming holiday season and be the center piece of any party.

“We have extended the concept of what a gift pack can offer the consumers, and we hope it will inspire people to embrace the glamorous side of themselves by turning an ordinary night into a masquerade”, says Katarina Nielsen. "

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Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph