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Sweet Revenge (or something like that)

by First name Last name on 05/06/2008 | 1 Minute Read

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Juicy Couture filed suit against Victoria's Secret last week claiming that Victoria's Secret is infringing on their copyright and brand by packaging some of their items in "candy-like" packaging. Juicy has been packaging their underwear in lollypop packaging since 2005. Victoria's Secret recently sold underwear under their Pink line in the above similar packaging.

To read more about this, check out this article at Bloomberg.

This does raise some interesting questions: where does the line between inspiration and rip-off lie in the world of package design? When does a package concept become proprietary to the brand, or just so well associated to the brand that it can not be imitated? Are there any more "new" ideas out there?

I am interested to hear what theDieline's readers think about this one!

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