by First name Last name on 12/05/2008 | 1 Minute Read

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Rubyy Blood Orange Energy Drink, has been coined "the first ultra-premium luxury energy drink". It was launched this year by Maurice Kanbar (the founder of Skyy Vodka) and Chris Huddleston.

With a sleek black aluminum bottle designed by LVMH's packaging designer, Werner Design Werks in Minnesota The WDW team has a wealth of experience and creativity in the luxury spirits category (they are responsible for the 10 Cane Rum and Knob Creek bottles). Rubyy's package was created to make its way out of the refrigerator in a restaurant/club and onto the back-bar alongside the high-end spirits:

Designer Sarah Nelson Forss elaborates, “The flavor of the drink is more subtle and interesting than competing products. Our client really wanted Rubyy to appeal to the pop idol club-goers in particular, with the strategy that ‘where they lead, others will follow.’ Not only is the bottle dark and mysterious, it feels rather sensuous and soft in the hand as well. The entire identity is based on contrasts: light and dark, angel vs. dragon, glowing art on a black can. It’s all a lot like blood oranges, which are so vivid on the outside but surprisingly dark inside. We just turned it inside out a little.”

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