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Baby Star Shoe Box

by First name Last name on 12/15/2008 | 1 Minute Read

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While researching Converse packaging for my previous post, I found this clever concept package by Ronny Poon: a triangular box for baby-sized Chuck Taylor All Stars. The box is held closed by a shoelace bow. According to Poon’s web site

Afun package for toddlers’ Converse shoes. It helps improve children’smotor skills by allowing the child to lace-up the box. When 5 boxes arecollected they can be placed together to form the Converse star.

Nice example of a close-packaging polyhedral package. And I like that business with the laced up box closure. Not sure whether this shoe box could really assistin early childhood development, although acquiring 5 pairs of ChuckTaylors at such a young age might help a child grow up to become this guy.

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