Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur

by First name Last name on 10/27/2008 | 1 Minute Read

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I saw this Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur bottle (on left) in the NY Times recently and was intrigued by the clever way in which the designer turned the bottle’s “punt” into a credible (but inaccessible) juice squeezer. It appears to be the work of London-based Stranger & Stranger.

The original purpose of “punts” (those concave depressions usually found on the underside of wine bottles) is endlessly debated,but unless one is an aficionado of vintage wines—one might tend to feelthat the only intention is to make the bottle look bigger than itsactual capacity.

Turning this negative space into an interesting feature, certainlyhelps to dispel any such lingering suspicions. How many other bottles are out there that make the “punt” into something else?

I remember recently on the Dieline seeing the Lanjaron Water bottle with an iceberg-shaped punt. And I found one other example: this Absolut Mandarin bottle (on the right) from around 1999.

There must be plenty of other bottles out there that make interesting use of this negative space. What am I missing?

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