Monbana Chocolate Cube

by Yael Miller on 10/27/2008 | 2 Minute Read

Monbana, a French chocolatier, has recently introduced a very unique chocolate gift item designed for entertaining or food service. Le Cube à chocolat de Monbana is a reusable cube shaped receptacle that holds different flavored chocolate thins. The format is innovative as a way of serving chocolate thins, which tend to lay flat if served on a plate or tray. This makes them more interesting.

On a side note, years ago I used to design and coordinate the trade show exhibit for the chocolate company I used to work for, Astor Chocolate. Since they do a lot of small, customized chocolate thins (similar to those shown above) for various hotels and resorts in the US, they exhibited at a hotel-related show in NYC every year. We had the same  challenge every year - how to showcase the many beautiful wrappers customized for the various hotels. A couple of us eventually came up with the idea of gluing them onto a rotating cube that turned on one corner. We had a custom-built cube with a slow-turning motor in the base to hold the chocolates and it was a real show stopper. The design of Monbana's cube kind of reminded me of that display we built. I'm glad to see the very same structure here, in a different setting and with a different use in mind.

One other aspect about this product is that the cube is reusable. You can give this as an impressive gift, and the recipient can order refills later on, making this a real keepsake item. Reusability in packaging is a very sustainable idea.

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