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Scharffenberger Winery

by Yael Miller on 03/15/2007 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photographScharffenberger Wineries wine label by Barbara Vicks Design depicts incredibly detailed visuals that convey luxury and impeccable taste. Continue for more...

Wine label design is almost as wide a design playing field as CD album cover design. But, its traditional roots also lend some specific cues that anyone in luxury package design can learn from.

Several details pull this design together to covey the premium message. Some details to pay attention to:

  • Fine lines around the perimeter of the label. These draw inspiration from engraved details such as those seen on money, official documents and diplomas - all lending an air of importance and history.
  • The simple type used for the word BRUT is historically true to engraved document typefaces (usually used at small sizes for clarity - a true historic sans-serif.)
  • The two seals on either end also lend importance and signify history and quality. Seals are very effective for conveying quality and authenticity in general.
  • The engraved illustration with muted colors in the background make for an exceptionally rich design that gives the illusion of a brand steeped in history. Most likely an artist specializing in this technique (engraving or scratch-board) produced the illustration to the specs of the designer and client.
  • Looking closely, the banner in the bottom of the illustration contains a Roman numeral date which is a historic-like touch. Speaking of banners, these can be very useful in gourmet and premium packaging to isolate secondary information and provide visual dimension and depth.

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