Tobacco & Cannabis

Kiva Unleashes a CBN Gummy So You Can Catch Some Z's

CBN, or cannabinol, is a compound not usually found in significant quantities in raw cannabis as it is usually the product of THC breaking down in aged plants.

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Rudy Sanchez

Kids & Baby, Technology

Pentagram's Work On Yoto Story Player Balances Smart With Kid-Friendly

Yoto challenged Pentagram with creating their industrial design and branding, ensuring that it appealed to both children and parents.

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Rudy Sanchez

Beauty & Health

How Ragged Edge Used Brand To Get People To Think Brain-First With Heights

The brain is the most vital organ in the body. But in an era where healthy living gets viewed as a status symbol, we’re still more likely to care about our abs than our brains. 

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Max Ottignon

Beer & Malt Beverage

Oskar Blues Unveils Brand Refresh

The refresh also includes a new logo, a badge representing credibility and authority within the craft beer space, and a funky typeface showing that the brand still retains their casual, feel-good vibe.

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Rudy Sanchez

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